Overview recessed luminaires

With recessed luminaires from Albert you can make your lighting dreams come true. Highlight specific areas or provide more orientation in the dark evening hours. Create a cozy, harmonious atmosphere and leave a lasting impression on your guests. With us you will find the optimal lighting for your plans!

Recessed Lights

Recessed luminaires from Albert: Stylish light dispensers and discreet highlights

Are you looking for suitable luminaires to enhance your garden and property with stylish and practical lighting? Do you want to develop or redesign your outdoor lighting concept? Then you have come to the right place. We will show you how to create a round, coherent overall picture with your outdoor lighting using our recessed luminaires. For private as well as commercial properties.

Various applications for recessed luminaires and recessed spotlights

Under the term “recessed luminaire” we summarize luminaires that can be installed either in the underground, walls or ceilings. The advantage here is obvious: they are enormously space-saving. Thus, they are the optimal choice especially in confined spaces. Recessed luminaires can be discreetly and inconspicuously integrated into walls or surroundings or used for targeted lighting accents.

Integrate these practical light sources into existing lighting concepts. In this way, you can harmoniously round off the overall picture. The possible applications are as varied as your ideas. Create more orientation in the dark or set decorative accents.

Recessed luminaires for the wall, for example, are perfect for beautifying house facades, staircases and walls. Used on the floor, they remain discreetly in the background. But they put your facade, your path or even your plants and sculptures skillfully in the spotlight. Create impressive light shows and visually enhance your property. The tread-proof and robust luminaires are ideal light bringers, which are also enormously resilient.

Recessed luminaires are also an excellent choice for ceilings. Here they provide direct, harmonious lighting from above. In entrance areas, for covered terraces or loggias: they not only create more security in the darker seasons, but also a cozy ambience.

Albert recessed luminaires: Well protected and safe

We promise long service lives for our recessed luminaires for outdoor use. For this purpose, we use only selected materials such as cast aluminum, stainless steel and polycarbonate. This makes them robust and rust-resistant, insensitive to changing weather and fluctuating temperatures. Moreover, they do not require much maintenance and care. With our recessed lights, you make the right choice if you want to make your outdoor area bright and safe.

Especially in the open air, luminaires have to meet high requirements. Dirt, dust and moisture can play havoc with outdoor lights. This is exactly why it is important to us at Albert Leuchten that our recessed luminaires are equipped with the highest IP protection classes. Our recessed wall, ceiling and floor luminaires have IP23, IP54 and IP67 protection classes. Which protection class is necessary for your favorite luminaires depends on the place of use.

Take a look around our pages and learn more about the individual recessed luminaires and the respective IP protection classes in our respective guides. Our range is broad and offers you a variety of different recessed lights in all styles and designs. With LED technology or other energy-saving light sources. Browse our pages and discover which recessed lights you can best use outside.

Recessed luminaires with LED technology: lots of light, low electricity costs

The trend has long been for energy-saving light sources. That’s why recessed lights with LED technology are so popular for outdoor use. They have a high-quality finish and are long-lasting, fitting in with just about any design style imaginable. They can also be installed in places where it can get a little damp.

Another great advantage of recessed lights with LED bulbs is that they consume little electricity. On average, even six times less than conventional light bulbs. In addition, they do not contain mercury or other critical substances.

In contrast, the luminous efficacy of recessed luminaires with LED elements is significantly higher, as is their longevity. 50,000 hours are usually possible before you need to replace the bulbs. And this can also be done easily and quickly with recessed luminaires from Albert. Let the quality of our lights and illuminants convince you. Make your property a real highlight.