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Albert Leuchten offers lighting columns as accessories for post-top luminaires and vario spotlights. Do you want to be literally “high up”? Then a lighting column is the best way to illuminate your outdoor areas from high above. We will tell you what you need to know when buying a lighting column.

Albert lighting columns - for lighting from lofty heights

A lighting column is the ideal complement for vario spotlights or post-top luminaires. With a combination of a lighting column and a suitable spotlight, you can illuminate large outdoor areas. These include, for example, company premises, car parks or access routes to hotels, restaurants or private buildings. Our light poles also always cut a fine figure on sports fields and other event areas. At Albert Leuchten, we stock the robust accessories in various sizes and pole lengths between 300 and 800 centimetres.

Our indestructible steel poles are also used for street and object lighting. In combination with bright and low-consumption post-top luminaires, the light poles enable large-area illumination of commercial and private properties. With this feature, our products contribute to increased safety.

In car parks, you can manoeuvre more easily thanks to better illumination. Accidents and fender-benders can thus be reduced to a minimum. Women in particular benefit from more brightness in car parks. The risk of assault and theft is reduced by better lighting conditions.

Albert lighting columns – hot-dip galvanised, durable and easy to maintain

We offer lighting columns from Albert Leuchten in two different designs. Cylindrically stepped lighting columns taper gradually towards the top. Conical lighting poles become conical and narrower towards the top.

We manufacture both versions from hot-dip galvanised steel to protect the lighting columns from corrosion in the long term. During hot-dip galvanising, the steel is refined with a zinc coating and thus made resistant. At the same time, the protective zinc coating ensures an even and flawless surface.

We at Albert Leuchten look back on many decades of experience in the field of steel processing. The name Albert has stood for high quality “made in Fröndenberg” since the 1950s. The production of our lighting columns also results in technically convincing products for professional use.

This also applies to our lighting pole accessories. Of course, the earth piece required for installation is included in the scope of delivery. A cable transition box for all masts is also available from us.

Albert steel poles for post-top luminaires and vario spotlights

You can equip our lighting poles with a matching vario spotlight or a post-top luminaire from Albert Leuchten according to your own preferences. With the constant mast spigot diameter of 76 millimetres, our lighting poles are suitable for all post-top luminaires from our production.

Equip the steel poles with a spherical luminaire or a classic post-top luminaire, depending on your personal taste. A post-top luminaire with an impact-resistant Plexiglas cylinder is also an option. Also suitable for post-top mounting are our object luminaires from the “Vario III” range. With the latter, you can flexibly adjust the angle of inclination of the luminaire body from 0 to 45 degrees in 15-degree increments.

Depending on the luminaire model selected, the recommended light spot spacing varies. This has an impact on the installation of the light poles. The light point spacing specifies how far apart the steel poles must be. You should think about this in advance.

You can find more information on this topic in our general catalogue.

Aluminium light poles to go with our spherical post-top luminaires

In addition to the large light poles, we also stock products made of aluminium. These are primarily suitable for use on private premises. With a pole spigot of 60 millimetres in diameter, the aluminium poles are ideally suited for mounting our top-mounted luminaires with plastic sphere.

Here, homeowners have many options. They can equip the aluminium pole with a one, two, three or even four-flame version of the sphere top luminaire. We stock aluminium poles in pole lengths between 200 and 300 centimetres.

Especially with the multi-flame models, your courtyard and garden design will be particularly elegant, bright and friendly. The aluminium poles are suitable for mounting on a foundation or a suitable piece of earth. We have listed all accessories for you in our catalogue.