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The ceiling luminaire is one of the classics for large-scale outdoor lighting. Instead of targeted or indirect lighting, an outdoor ceiling luminaire brings unrestricted abundance of light. This makes house entrances particularly bright and safe.

Albert Leuchten manufactures the “perennial favorite ceiling light” in all possible variants, colors, designs and sizes. Let us inspire you with our offer!

Ceiling lights for outdoor - the bestseller from Albert Leuchten

Ceiling lights for outdoor use are not only decorative, but also practical and functional. After all, neither you nor your visitors want to be in the dark when dusk falls. Especially in the fall and winter months, large-scale lighting protects against tripping hazards such as steps or children’s toys lying around. With a classic ceiling light at the house entrance or on the veranda, you illuminate your property functionally and atmospherically.

Ceiling lights with motion detectors – for added convenience

In the entrance area of a house or a company building, a light source with motion detector brings additional advantages. You don’t have to grope for the light switch in the dark to find the keyhole of the front door. Instead, the bright light is activated automatically as soon as you approach and trigger the sensor.

This is very convenient – especially if you just do not have a hand free to operate a light switch. In addition, installing a ceiling light with a motion sensor helps to deter and scare away potential burglars.

Where are ceiling lights used outside everywhere?

Nomen est omen: ceiling lights are installed outside exactly where horizontal mounting is possible. This can be, for example, the canopy over the front door, but also other covered places. Terrace or balcony ceilings are just as suitable as, for example, weather-protected barbecue corners or a porch with a roof.

Albert luminaires – optimally protected against moisture and dust

Outdoors, electrical products are constantly exposed to the elements. Therefore, they must meet certain criteria. Ceiling lights from Gebrüder Albert GmbH & Co. KG meet the highest IP protection standards in accordance with strict legal requirements.

This means that the outdoor lights are protected against dust and moisture. Even heavy rain can therefore not harm our ceiling lights.

Deckeneinbauleuchten setzen eine rote Ziegelwand effektvoll in Szene

Outdoor ceiling lights with LED – energy-saving, practical & durable

Like many other lamps for outdoor use, ceiling lights are increasingly being operated with LED bulbs. The LED technology convinces with several advantages. In contrast to classic lights, an LED light provides 100% brightness directly, instead of requiring a certain start-up time. Further plus points for LED technology: it is particularly bright, efficient and durable.

High-quality LED lamps can be found in our general catalog and in our online store. Our LED lamps have a service life of 15,000 hours on average – depending on how intensively they are used. A ceiling lamp is usually in operation only a few minutes per day. Therefore, you can enjoy it for years.

Stainless steel & aluminum – the ideal materials for ceiling lamps

Since wind and weather can take a considerable toll on ceiling lights, the lighting fixtures should be made of sturdy materials. Stainless steel and cast aluminum are among the proven classics in our production.

These materials are robust and at the same time very noble and high-quality. Stainless steel scores with its temperature and rust resistance. Cast aluminum also impresses with its high strength and excellent machinability.

Albert ceiling lights – a wide choice of design and glass types

The material of Albert ceiling lights is supplemented with translucent opal or acrylic glass. These milky types of glass provide uniform light distribution and glare-free light. On the other hand, the intensity of the lighting is not reduced.

In terms of design, you have a free choice with Albert Leuchten. We offer our ceiling lights in many geometric shapes – round, square, oval or even square. Modern ceiling lights we carry in the housing colors anthracite, black, white and silver. In contrast, rustic colors such as black-silver, brown-brass and white-gold dominate the country style versions.

At Albert Leuchten, you will find ceiling lights that will fit perfectly into the exterior of your home or business. By the way, you can install many of our products as both wall and ceiling lights. In addition, you can choose between cold and warm white light. The modular design makes the use of our products even more practical!